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Toni smith takes a Body-Mind Centering approach to classical Hatha Yoga in adult classes. All body systems are engaged in a gentle thorough warm up and asanas gently flow to encourage balance, shift of weight flexibility and strength...


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Body-Mind Centering

An Approach to Movement Education

Movement teaches the brain. As Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of Body-Mind Centering (BMC) states, "The brain is the last to know." In utero and during the first few years of life, the neuro-typical child...                     

Infant Development

Movement and Dance 

Toni Smith teaches an improvisational approach to movement.  Guided exercises allows for organic articulation of the body in a non-technical format. Participants do not learn “steps” but instead become comfortable with natural exploratory movement that flows organically.  Pleasurable sensation, expansive  use of space, dynamic  energies and engagement of all the body systems  are  the goal.   Benefits include increased range of motion, balance, strength and overall comfort with the body as an expressive art form.Type your paragraph here.

Toni Smith, MFA, is a dancer, choreographer, and dance scholar who performed in New York City with the Vanaver Caravan, Debra Wanner, Jeff Slayton, Joyce Morganroth and others. She was the Artistic Director of Toni Smith Dancers from 1979 to 1986. Toni is a Body-Mind Centering Practitioner and an Infant Development Movement Educator and maintains a private BMC practice in the Capital Region of New York State. She is a founding member of the NYS DanceForce and Partners in Dance: a Consortium of Capital Region Dance Sponsors and served as the Artistic Director of the National Museum of Dance. She is a 23 year veteran of the Skidmore College dance faculty and serves as the faculty adviser for Summer Dance at Skidmore. Toni is the originator of Adaptive Yoga for Persons with Disabilities. She currently teaches Body-Mind Centering workshops in Upstate New York.  Toni currently teaches Body-Mind Centering internationally on Zoom.